Vulpes macrotis, Kit Fox possible reduced food source due to campus closures.

The Kit Fox is a mystery to many experienced PhD’s who has argued their struggle for survival and championed their inclusion in the list of endangered species. Species such as the Kit Fox, Vulpes macrotis, have been on the losing end when it comes to habitat to roam.

Our need for petroleum among the U. S. and countries around the globe, dictates much as to whom the land really belongs. Humans 1, Animals 0 and that will never change unless we understand how connected we are. That connection dictates responsibility and actions.

The Kit Fox knows of no COVID-19 pandemic, no protests of civil-rights, and political turmoil. The Kit Fox knows of only the basic biological needs. Basic evolution, that is what drives the Kit Fox.

An evolution that once claimed the salt-bush dominated deserts of our Central Valley (Bakersfield, California). What relationship the Kit Fox once had with that habitat has been lost. But that does not mean the Kit Fox can’t find a new home!

California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) has willing, and without choice I might add, embraced the Kit Fox. While undergoing the stress of my classes, I would frequently walk the campus I called home. See, I lived in the student housing for three years at CSUB. That’s how the Kit Fox became my companion.

I would take walks in between studying around midnight and 1am. The den was in front of the basketball stadium and I would sit about 10-20 yards away from the roped off section. I wish I could have recorded the play. The litter of Kit Foxes playing was such a stress relief from all the biochemistry, physics, and genetics courses trying to plow crops of neurons in my already overwhelmed brain.

With the Kit Fox, the playing, I forgot my uncertainty and my fears of failure. All that existed at that time was one of Gods creature – watching one of Gods creatures.


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