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BOC – Happy New Year 2023 – More Love in 2023!

This podcast contains mature subject matters and can trigger emotional feelings in sensitive listening audience members. Happy New Year – More Love in 2023. Starvation around the Globe.

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Beyond Our Comprehension – A Function of Vitality, Mortality, and Morbidity

Vitality is said to be our activity. Defined as a state of being strong and active from the Latin vitalitas (vital). The Energy we have for life. Is it a necessary rule for the continuance of life? Maybe an inherent aspect in all living things, a part of our evolution. Our mortality takes effect from our genes. Those sufferings from birth are imprinted in our DNA. As such is life, we make choices affecting our morbidity. A flip of a coin some say toward an individual’s diseased state.

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Tilted-N-Spinning #0001 China News

Welcome to the first of the podcast series Titled-N-Spinning. I wanted to give the first tribute to the analytical numbers we have been receiving on the website. Congratulations China! Thank you to all our listeners in China as they have topped the stats on our site out of the 20 countries we have as listeners. The first-place tribute is China News.

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#0430 Clem’S Castaway’S – You Brought The Storm

Papa would say this is just fine. We are always better and always for worse. In life’s balance being just fine, is well – just fine. Here is another version of Papa’s song. A man at thirteen who couldn’t swing a sledge but could handle a team of animals made him an extra nickel a day. That fed his younger sisters and brothers. He lived not for himself but for the survival of his family.

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