Drive within the speed limits of your life! BOC #2

What life regrets would you ask from a dying man, what questions would you ask? I usually didn’t ask anything before I died. What? You’ve never heard the dead speak before? Well, believe me I’m starting to learn how. Its not easy as you expect it might be to bring the voice of a deadman to radio.

What questions would you want answered? What happens if your start getting answers to those questions? AND what if those answers start to make sense? What then? What if everything you heard was so truthful that it seemed like it could not be. Maybe you’ve just been aching for the truth all this long. Can truth come from a dead man? Find out in this video.

What you shouldn’t do in life, real advice from a dead man, you should never NOT ask questions from anyone and everyone – no matter the answer, check the answer via reading books not the internet!

Warning! Truth may hurt your ears but your brain will appreciate it.

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