The Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis)

The Kit Fox, Vulpes macrotis, as it is commonly known was on the verge of extinction. Habitat loss and environmental pressures are recipes for disaster for most species.

However, on the campus of California State University, Bakersfield the Kit Fox is thriving. I was lucky enough to sit with new litters during midnight walks to escape the craziness of the dorms.

Vulpes macrotis #KitFox California State University, Bakersfield Photo by – Clem 2016

Watching them play. Running in and out of the tunnels. The mother watching on for awhile then busy chancing meals of cockroaches (a night feast for any connoisseur of her species).

Go to the link and scroll down for a short video of The Kit Fox.

Video obtained by a summer intern in the East Bay County Parks and Wildlife Conservancy. You can see a starving native fox which population is in sharp decline among all wetland inhabitants.

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