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CAPITAL ONE – What’s In Your Wallet?

Vitality = Mortality – Morbidity: WARNING! This podcast contains mature adult material and may not be suited for a young audience, parental discretion is advised. This podcast contains mature subject matters and can trigger emotional feelings in sensitive listening audience members.

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or Text “Home” 741741 – United States Hotlines By State

International Suicide Hotline: – Suicide Hotline By Country

World Health Organization – Suicide Information

Center For Disease Control (CDC) – Suicide Information

Vitality is said to be our activity. Defined as a state of being strong and active from the Latin vitalitas (vital).

Vitality takes energy. Energy for the continuance of life.

Then vitality may very well be an inherent aspect in all living things – a part of our evolution.

Our mortality takes its effect from our genes. Those sufferings from our birth are imprinted in our DNA.

As we live we make choices. Those choices find ways to affect our morbidity and as such sway an individual’s diseased state.

BUT, we are all individuals with individual experiences (nature and nurture) varying from person-to-person like night and day.

So how to define global vitality in such a quagmire of choices and environments to live in. This world tilted-and-spinning despite our wants and needs is going to keep going. So in our small contribution during our time, how can we live well?

Perhaps it is possible to provide some foundation of what disorders we are subjected to and from there develop a plan.

We shed light on subjects and hopefully, individuals will gain a foundational terminology and understanding that can help them navigate the dangers and struggles of life. Get your copy of The Merck Manual

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