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#0050 Beyond Our Comprehension – INTERNAL Medicine and You.

You don’t have to do the research, you dont have to live a good life, you dont have to live at all. BUT, in the instance you do…why then live the wrong way? I dont know…I would love to ask the person who died that day…but I cant. So I read…and this is what it says.

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Staying Fit: Not hard, Not Easy. All in the “fit” mindset.

Being fit takes a lot of knowledge and that’s what we are trying to help all of you with. He has made amazing progress in his journey. The permanent disabilities he is working hard to overcome. He needs encouragement, he needs love.

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#1011 Clem’S Castaway’S shorts – Back To Colors

We’re back to colors (Back To Colors) was a prayer I was spinning to God. You put me back on Earth with verse so let this drop to the Universe. Your hand protect on all lives, beasts of all kind, since all time, groove to a new beat thrown from an old street. Educate Without Hate! “Rap” with God about our nation and globe.

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