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Staying Fit: Not hard, Not Easy. All in the “fit” mindset.

Being fit takes a lot of knowledge and that’s what we are trying to help all of you with. He has made amazing progress in his journey. The permanent disabilities he is working hard to overcome. He needs encouragement, he needs love.

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#0019 Beyond Our Comprehension – Mental isn’t the word for it!

In dissociative disorders, the normal integration of consciousness, memory, perceptions, identity, emotion, body representation, motor control, and behavior is disrupted, and continuity of self is lost. Welcome to my normal – abnormal. Comedy can be therapy.

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Vulpes macrotis, Kit Fox possible reduced food source due to campus closures.

The Kit Fox is a mystery to many experienced PhD’s who has argued their struggle for survival and championed their inclusion in the list of endangered species. Species such as the Kit Fox, Vulpes macrotis, have been on the losing end when it comes to habitat to roam. Our need for petroleum among the U. S. and countries around the

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