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Wet Dreams – Transgender Journey – Pride 2022

Life after SRS having wet dreams. Pride 2022

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#0029 Beyond Our Comprehension ANNIVERSARY, Stress Heart Attack, Life Purpose

Getting what you came for is not an easy thing. You are born – you will die. Life in between is neither fare nor kind. If you make it count yourself among the greatest of human kind – because if you made it, someone didn’t. Love Ya!

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#0010 – Clems Castaways Open Mic and Improv

Comedians stop by at Mutiny Radio for Clem’S Castaway’S Open Mic and Improv: Best SRS surgeon, Canine Jokes, and Whatever.Warning: Extremely Dark Adult Themes, Bizarre Sexual Content, and Blue Offensive Racial Humor. This is a Zomedy Zone and politically incorrect.

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