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#0428 Clem’S Castaway’S – Grab the Rain

Papa would say this is just fine. We are always better and always for worse. In life’s balance being just fine, is well – just fine. Here is another version of Papa’s song. A man at thirteen who couldn’t swing a sledge but could handle a team of animals made him an extra nickel a day. That fed his younger sisters and brothers. He lived not for himself but for the survival of his family. He was my mother ‘s father and my best friend. He taught me strength and taught me to bend the ground to our will. To farm, to feed, to house, and to be. He loved God his way and suffered more than one should suffer. His grace and stubbornness is always missed. His greatest phrase to me, “Keep it between the ditches” will forever be known. His story will always be told. Earl Murphy Hardage, a papa of many and friend to all.

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#0427 Clem’S Castaway’S – Out Your Door

The sun is out, nobody’s playing, and the crisis is at your door. This song was one that kept coming to mind and verses get added and taken away every time I sing it. It reminds me that life is always outside the door and the crisis becomes opening that door and living. Living despite our strengths and weaknesses. To try and find you own song in the midst of trials and cycles of life. Each cycle of life, that ebb-and-flow in journey, the tares physical and mental molding our clay over time. However, the greatest fear about fear is not to live because of it.

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#0030 Clems Castaways Open Mic and Improv – Sing With Me World!

World Worst and Longest Songs: from the mind of DIDs. #Dissociative Identity Disorder. We love the harp, the mouth harp, the harmonica, bur more we love the feeling and inspiration given to me by Norika. BTW, Wally-Wally song in it’s finest at the END History. We hope you enjoy some of Wally-Wally and the Life’s Song for no worry. I hope you enjoy the best-my-worst can get. God Bless!

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