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#0051 Beyond Our Comprehension – Music Tames The Beast and Sets Free The Childs Mind.

So music, yeah. What type? ALL. What is music to us all but the rhythm. The rhythm that for some is life. It stems, no shoots, no grows with vine like vigor from the mind and borders on creativity and insanity. It is AS necessary the thoughts of your name, how you breathe, and with the absence can warpp the greatest mind, or set a child free. Sing to me Music – SING.

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#0027 Clem’S Castaway’S Open Mic & Improv – ANT!…move that rubber tree plant, please.

Here is an episode of a morning out of mind and body, transported into the fascination of observation. You can’t understand unless there time where you have now where to go. You can’t know until you understand strength from God can be found in largest things to tiniest of things, God create humor as much as God created despair and suffering. The experience of souls, what a horrible concept, Father.

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