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#0022 Beyond Our Comprehension – “OFF the BRICKS” with BIG DON, KOBE, and CLEM

Warning: Extremely Dark Adult Themes, Bizarre Content, and Blue Offensively Racial Humor. This is a FREE SPEECH Zone and politically incorrectness abounds. This is in your face happening now reality. A Fight for America and its Citizens. We are taking on Big Pharma for failure to follow FDA regulations, for endangering American lives. WE NEED YOU!

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#1011 Clem’S Castaway’S shorts – Back To Colors

We’re back to colors (Back To Colors) was a prayer I was spinning to God. You put me back on Earth with verse so let this drop to the Universe. Your hand protect on all lives, beasts of all kind, since all time, groove to a new beat thrown from an old street. Educate Without Hate! “Rap” with God about our nation and globe.

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