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#0054 Beyond Our Comprehension – Susceptibles – Infectives – Susceptibles (SIS). the Mathematics of Disease

Here we review Tabers Medical Cyclopedia and Essential Mathematics of Biology in looking at diseases such as the coronaviruses and others. Contact us to read more of what you need to know.

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#0053 Beyond Our Comprehension – Vitamin Trilogy Continues…

Adding to the chaos in the galaxy is ignorance and we are called into action, voices front and center, we talk about the compromise between VEGAN and CARNIVORES in regards to medical literature…then, on to All the characters in the Tabers toward a better us.

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#0032 Beyond Our Comprehension The Simple Epidemic/Pandemic, Our Vitamins and Nutrition, The Books to Navigate You Body.

I can’t stress how much we need each individual to rally towards a better environment inside. The environment inside you, your mind, and your nutrition. Let’s talk about it on this episode of BOC.

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