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#0009 The Clem Experience: Vitality Series: Phase II Nutrition – The Merck Manual & Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Information

References to Tabers and Merck manuals for nutrition. We are in the compressed second behavior tied directly to your morbidity and mortality. All which affect our Vitality.

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#0054 Beyond Our Comprehension – Susceptibles – Infectives – Susceptibles (SIS). the Mathematics of Disease

Here we review Tabers Medical Cyclopedia and Essential Mathematics of Biology in looking at diseases such as the coronaviruses and others. Contact us to read more of what you need to know.

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#0052 Beyond Our Comprehension – Tabers Medical Cyclopedia and Me -Finally at Obese

There is Morbid Obese and then there is Obese and now I’m finally knocking again on Overweight. After multiple heart attacks, the spinal injuries, the broken ankle, the hip-replaced, both hand surgeries, the brain injury and mental disabilities. What has been consistent is all you need – Tenacity!

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