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#0031 Beyond Our Comprehension Art for DIDs, Therapy for Successful Integration, Jobs Number One or Two, Walk-in Shoes

Where talking art for therapy but that doesn’t mean you have to be artisitic. Working #ones can burn you out, how to be in the top without cracking under pressure – Wish I Knew? Supportive and Educational. Warning: Eye Changing!

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#0024 Beyond Our Comprehension The Painting – DIDs Therapy for Integration” – Using Art.

From the Psychiatric Annuals 2005 Authors: Carol Thayer Cox; Barry M. Cohen, 2005;35(8):695-69. The complex inner world of people with DID, visual art is inherently multileveled. Line, shape, color, and movement form symbols and structures that can embody a multitude of meanings simultaneously. Unlike verbal communication, art expression is nonlinear; vastly divergent material can coexist in pictures without regard to time or context.

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