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#0033 Beyond Our Comprehension When On Fire – Stay In Doors, Cali is burning, ART for DIDs

Keep it between the ditches, my grandpa’s advice as he made me take the helm of the pickup at 12 years old and I went on to drive for him every time. “What you can’t get away with now – for sure”. Clem
R.I.P Earl Murphy Hardage

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#0024 Beyond Our Comprehension The Painting – DIDs Therapy for Integration” – Using Art.

From the Psychiatric Annuals 2005 Authors: Carol Thayer Cox; Barry M. Cohen, 2005;35(8):695-69. The complex inner world of people with DID, visual art is inherently multileveled. Line, shape, color, and movement form symbols and structures that can embody a multitude of meanings simultaneously. Unlike verbal communication, art expression is nonlinear; vastly divergent material can coexist in pictures without regard to time or context.

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