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#0051 Beyond Our Comprehension – Music Tames The Beast and Sets Free The Childs Mind.

So music, yeah. What type? ALL. What is music to us all but the rhythm. The rhythm that for some is life. It stems, no shoots, no grows with vine like vigor from the mind and borders on creativity and insanity. It is AS necessary the thoughts of your name, how you breathe, and with the absence can warpp the greatest mind, or set a child free. Sing to me Music – SING.

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#0040 Beyond Our Comprehension – ART Therapy – The Mirepoix of Shapes – Circle Square Triangle (CST) Art’s Visual Geometry

To express the blends of colors and shapes. I hope you enjoy this piece. The boundary of colors and shapes mix into the visual soup. The observer climbs ridges and suffers in the valley where the visual spectrum war in contrast. The welcoming of warmth once the on looker survives their trek embraces not only mind but spirit.

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#0024 Beyond Our Comprehension The Painting – DIDs Therapy for Integration” – Using Art.

From the Psychiatric Annuals 2005 Authors: Carol Thayer Cox; Barry M. Cohen, 2005;35(8):695-69. The complex inner world of people with DID, visual art is inherently multileveled. Line, shape, color, and movement form symbols and structures that can embody a multitude of meanings simultaneously. Unlike verbal communication, art expression is nonlinear; vastly divergent material can coexist in pictures without regard to time or context.

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