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#0004 The Clem Experience: Mic Test www.beyondourcomprehension.com

Enjoy the mic test. email us at clem.cc.boc@gmail.com to vote: Iphone vs Box Mic…Can you sing the number song? Call the show? 916-794-5598 Leave us a message on your Vitality, Mortality, or Morbidity.

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#0030 Clems Castaways Open Mic and Improv – Sing With Me World!

World Worst and Longest Songs: from the mind of DIDs. #Dissociative Identity Disorder. We love the harp, the mouth harp, the harmonica, bur more we love the feeling and inspiration given to me by Norika. BTW, Wally-Wally song in it’s finest at the END History. We hope you enjoy some of Wally-Wally and the Life’s Song for no worry. I hope you enjoy the best-my-worst can get. God Bless!

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